Sunday, 27 September 2009

Quiet Sunday

Bearfriend was kind enough to give me an Honest Scrap award! I'll have to think about recipients to pass it on to as so many great blogs have already received it - and I'll come up with my list of 10 things you (probably) didn't know about me as well.
Not much other news today - I did take a walk into town for some shopping, standard thing with very tired legs by the end of it.
I watched Keanu Reeves in The Day the World Stood Still this afternoon. I'm not a fan of his particularly but I enjoyed the movie - even though the environmental messages were piled high with an eco-friendly shovel, certainly no subtlety there!
The good news is that I didn't feel any urge to binge today - in fact I almost forgot to eat breakfast, then wasn't fussed about lunch, and had a real struggle to decide what to have for dinner!
Food today:
All bran with strawberries and soya milk
Home-made veggie soup with walnut bread spread with goat's cheese, with a mixed leaf salad with avocado, sweetfire beetroot, and a smidgen of cherry-almond balsamic vinegar.

Yum! 'South of the border Chicken stew' from the Volumetrics Cookbook, with asparagus and a Dr Karg Spelt Muesli crispbread.

A protein smoothie (sadly a little too liquid - more like soup in a bowl than pudding) topped with chia seeds and a little piece of a new fruity bar - a Pure Fruit Wallabybar - delicious! The flavour was good, the texture was nice and chewy, it was good both on the smoothie and on its own.

Fromage frais with some tinned peach and a fresh fig.

Weight today: 10 st 5.5 lbs (145.5 lbs)


  1. Hi Chris. Looking forward to seeing your list - I must be nosier than I thought!

    Wonderful food pictures as usual - stunningly healthy. I'm going to check out that book too. I've had those crispbreads before - but I can't stop at one!

    It's so great to have one of those days when eating isn't the first thing on your mind. So relaxing. And Keanu's always pretty to look at whatever the film!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  2. Chris,
    Thank you for keeping my sister in your prayers and congrats on the deserve it!! Pics look yummy!! Gonna have to check it out!!