Monday, 14 September 2009

A productive day

As far as exercise was concerned anyway! After my run this morning (I think it was about 2.4 miles according to the site that used to be called mapmyrun) I decided to stick with a winning streak of doing stuff I said I would and then forgot all about - so I also did some kettle bells. I can't remember the last time I used the kettle bells, and I was rubbish - hardly surprising as I don't know what I'm doing and I was tired from running, but I did maybe 8 turkish get ups and about 4 or 5 minutes of swings - and unlike last time I used a heavier kettle bell for the get ups. Normally I start with swings and I'm tired by the time I do the get ups so this time I reversed the order and it felt better.
That took me up to lunch, and then after lunch I walked into town for a few bits of shopping. My mum and her fiance are coming to see me tomorrow so I needed some groceries. It was a fair bit cooler and more over-cast than yesterday, and I really felt my thighs and bum complaining as I walked up hill, so I didn't go the long way round today!
Food today:
All bran with strawberries and soya milk
A big salad topped with a home-made black bean burger, nimble bread and laughing cow light cheese. I followed it with one of my favourite guilt free sweet treats: sugar-free jelly with a little fruit in the bottom. I haven't made this for ages but yesterday I finally whipped up a batch - orange jelly with fresh nectarine this time.
A very mild chilli made by cheating with a jar of sauce. It contained chunks of turkey and black beans in place of my usual kidney beans. I had it with buckwheat rather than brown rice - it takes less time to cook, has more protein and less carbs. Then I served it in lettuce boats just for the fun of it. I've meant to try that for a while, but this is the first time - and it was actually fun to eat it that way! I topped the chilli & buckwheat filling with some slices of avocado for the healthy fats, and added some broccoli at the side. I'd like to do that with fajitas another time, instead of using tortilla wraps - I hadn't been sure how it would hold up to the hot food, but using big crisp romaine leaves worked really well.

2 protein smoothies, one with spinach and the other with a little dollop of peanut butter (not enough actually - I couldn't taste it), a bag of Urban Fresh Fruit dried kiwi (slightly odd - not sure I'd get it again - but then kiwis are far from my favourite fruit) and some melon. Well, half a melon actually... got a bit carried away. A high fibre (and carb) day with loads of portions of fruit and veg and a totally acceptable calorie total (so far anyway)


  1. I think your food plan (and pictures) looks wonderful! If I posted my food pictures people would be totally bored - but yours are great!

  2. Hi Chris. Thanks for your REALLY sweet comment on my blog.

    Your evening meal today looks delish. Think that's a great way of getting more salad into a meal. And the avacado on top looks pure decadence! Healthy eating at its best.

    Hope you have a lovely time with your mum tomorrow.

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx