Tuesday, 8 September 2009

My London Day Out - Monday

Sorry I didn't post yesterday but I was knackered after hours of trekking round London with heavy shopping bags! I had a great day - and a busy one!
I was up at 4:45 !!! To drive into the city on a couple of slices of toast with laughing cow light and sugar-free plum jam. We reached Feltham about 7:15 and I headed straight to the train station. It was my plan to go straight to Whole Foods Market on Kensington High Street. Unfortunately I messed the journey up slightly at the beginning - arriving at Kensington Olympia instead, and having to transfer to another tube to get to South Kensington. Then I realised I hadn't written down the building number, so I just walked one way looking, then the other.... found it eventually, after stopping at a Cafe Nero for an American and a (lo fat) Cranberry & orange muffin - yum!
I LOVE WHOLE FOODS MARKET!!! I took some photos to show why, and also to make the stuff I bought look really virtuous compared to the stuff I didn't - but this laptop doesn't have the software, and my camera battery died on me, so I'll have to post those when I get home. Suffice it to say I bought some interesting treats, and built a yummy salad for lunch in the salad bar. After Whole Foods I planned to go back to Kensington HS to get on the tube again and make my way to Russell St for the British museum. Instead, I decided to walk to the tube station where I would have changed lines, Notting Hill Gate - and that's when I went exactly the wrong way!!! Some people might call it getting lost, I prefer to call it 'unexpected exploration without a map'. After some random wanderings through Kensington (love the architecture!) I found my way to the Natural History Museum, which was on the schedule for today, so I changed my plans and things worked out fine! I 'did' the dinosaur and marine fossil exhibits in the Nat Hist, then ate my salad out front before heading to the V&A (thanks for the suggestion, Bearfriend) where I went though the Fashion exhibit (loved the clothes from the 18th and 19th centuries) then the China, Japan and Korea exhibits. Wow! Loved the lacquerware, stoneware, jade, and silk robes... absolutely stunning! Especially the Japanese netsuke!
Finally I went to the History of Medicine exhibit at the Science Museum, (I did a degree in Biological & Biochemical Sciences and have always loved History, so it seemed like a natural). Unfortunately half this exhibit was closed for maintenance, and I was museum-ed out by then so I zoomed through the exhibit and headed outside. I then tube-d to Victoria and walked up to photograph Buckingham Palace, which is where I discovered that my battery was dead... so I bought a postcard showing the same view (and a map so I won't get as lost again hopefully) and headed back to Feltham to meet M. We had a makeshift dinner of packages salad, freshly baked multiseed ciabatta rolls, and cheese, followed by yoghurt, and a quiet evening - he's working, poor guy! And that was Monday... I must admit that I could happily go home today and come back in a couple of weeks with a fully charged camera battery - its so frustrating being surrounded by amazing architecture and history with no camera, my phone doesn't have one either AARRGGH and the charger is sitting back in Wales...
anyway, more later....

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  1. Hi Chris. Sounds like you need an A to Z! But at least you'll have burned a ton of calories with all that walking.

    So glad you liked the V and A. I'd have been in complete sensory overload after so much museuming!

    Glad you're having a blast. Looking forward to hearing more,
    Bearfriend xx