Thursday, 17 September 2009

My day

Forgot to mention earlier:
Weight today: 10 st 5.4 lbs (145.4 lbs)
First off this morning I had to go for a smear test :-( I'm sure you all feel for me... though it wasn't as bad as I remembered!
I tried to watch an old classical movie this afternoon - The Loneliness of a Long Distance Runner. I couldn't get into it though, so in the end I gave up. I often like very dated black and white movies but I'm less keen on the 'angry young man' genre I guess.
Then I went for a walk! I headed into Caldicot, but went over the fields for a a change. Near our house is a vast expanse of fields which flood in bad weather. When they aren't flooded there's a footpath right there, but its essentially a wetland so its not usable a lot of the time
Here's a photo from today, and one of the same area when flooded, taken last year:

Bit of a change, isn't it?
It was a fun walk, but I should have had a snack before leaving and didn't, so I felt a bit dodgy by the time I got over the fields. Luckily I was able to harvest a few blackberries to tide me over - they helped, but now I'm officially sick of blackberries!!!

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  1. Hi again. It must be quite frightening to live so near a flood plain. I know I would be frightened. I live too high up to be flooded but round about here on the lower ground there is regular flooding of people's houses. I always find that very distressing. The second picture is quite amazing though. At least the ducks enjoy it!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx