Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Making the best possible choices

Didn't happen. If you think the best choice is the most diet friendly, that is. We went to a Wetherspoons and I fully intended to have a vegetarian chilli without the tortilla chips. Then I saw a gourmet chicken burger and chips and ordered that. At least I thought I did - the guy taking the order thought I ordered a normal chicken burger and brought that instead. I was annoyed at first because the gourmet version had bacon strips, onion rings and monterey jack cheese. The one I got had none of these things Then I spotted the dessert menu and stopped caring. I confess - I had sticky toffee pudding with vanilla ice-cream, I ate every mouthful and it was bloody gorgeous so I don't even care!!! However I was then terminally full and stuffed, as was my mother, so instead of ambling around town for an hour or so we went home and collapsed for a few hours, with the result that the only exercise I got today was 120 push ups and no cardio at all.
I entered lunch into weightlossresources.co.uk and at the end of the day was about 500 cals over maintenence - totally worth it! Especially as all my exercise yesterday and massive walk on Sunday were giving me a huuuge deficit for the week anyway. And even more especially as in my binging days 3000 cals over was more common. I may regret it when I weigh tomorrow, but tomorrow is another day after all...
The other good thing: although all the carbs and fat sounds like a guarantee for plummeting blood sugar and a binge mid-afternoon - didn't happen! In fact I was so stuffed I wouldn't have eaten anything else at all, but then I realised that would set me up for waking up ravenous at 3 am, so I got myself a tin of cock-a-leekie soup around 7:30 pm.
And I had a lovely day so there... except my thighs have been aching all day from my run yesterday and I wish I'd had time to do something this morning - a walk or an ellipticising session would have been good. Even so, I'm on track (at the moment) to lose this week if I'm not retaining any waste or water and tomorrow I'll be walking around Cardiff for a few hours before going to the theatre!!! I've decided to take a sandwich for lunch, I couldn't face another meal out so soon...

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  1. Hi Chris. Glad you had such a good day. I'm sure it was worth the 500 extra calories. There will always be days when you go over but hopefully there'll be days when you are slightly under as well which make up for it.

    Can't wait to hear about the theatre!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx