Tuesday, 1 September 2009


To celebrate not having to go to work on Monday I'm planning to spend a day in London instead.Free Emoticons I always always always have to go to the British Museum when I go to London because I love love love their Egyptian & Assyrian exhibits, and I also plan to visit my first Whole Foods store in Kensington, as well as searching out some delis in search of exotic ingredients and exciting new food to try.
What would you do if you spent just one day in London? I'm looking for ideas and recommendations for things that might not occur to me!


  1. I've never been to the British museum which is strange as I lived in London for 4 years. My favourite hangouts were covent garden, strolling through the parks and the art galleries (having gone to art school before I went to uni).

    Another place I also haven't been is the V and A. I love textile and wallpaper design, and fashion history so it would be my first choice for something I haven't done before.

    I would love to go some time to see the Globe theatre. Even just to look round it if there wasn't anything on.

    Without knowing any more of your interests - apart from food of course! - it's difficult to know what to suggest.

    I'll keep thinking though!
    Bearfriend xx

  2. I've never been to London, so I have nothing useful to offer, other than being very envious. Have a wonderful time.