Friday, 4 September 2009

Leaving present

At my (now past) contract there's a tradition of giving out a card and present to the outgoing contractor. That isn't very common with contractors, they come and go so often that most places just don't bother. I must admit that as I hate being the centre of attention in that way, I'm generally quite happy with that...
Anyway, today it was my turn. They gave me a nice bottle of pinot grigio that I plan to savour, and a cookbook! They do know me! It's the new Jamie Oliver book, Jamie's America, and I've already been drooling over the (mostly hugely unhealthy) recipes and photographs. Diet or no diet, it won't be long before I start cooking from this book. I'm not a fan of Mr Oliver's TV shows (I think he tries too hard to be 'blokey', casual and 'un-chefly'), but this book is much more appealing!

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