Saturday, 26 September 2009

Later post than usual

Because I got a new phone today, it can send and receive email and browse the net, and as I am a technophobe it has taken me nearly all day to work out how to make it do these things!!! I know, as a contractor working in IT I shouldn't be describing myself as a technophobe, but the truth will set you free...
Works now though, at least for sending mails, so here I am.
My exercise for today consisted on some walking - into town, carrying a heavy rucksack on the way and a heavier one on the way back. I was tired when I got here, so I guess it did me good and I burned lots of calories.
Food today:
All bran with tinned peaches and soya milk. No photo because you've seen it all before!
A big salad with quorn fillets (flavoured with cajun seasoning), grilled sweet potatoes and a mug of home-made vegetable soup. Plus a slice of walnut bread with some boursin cheese.

'Bolognese' made with quorn mince and bulgar wheat, served in courgette ' boats', with another big salad and some asparagus. (There was more bolognese sauce than pictured - the rest wouldn't fit in the courgettes so I made lettuce wraps and ate them while the stuffed courgettes were baking.)

Lots of snacks today (but still well within calories): protein fruit smoothie, protein ball, 1 fresh fig, some fromage frais mixed with unsalted totally natural peanut butter and plum jam...
Weight today: 10 st 5.1 lbs (141.1 lbs)


  1. Yummy - your food looks good! I had to laugh when I read your confession. I'm in the IT field as well, and am darn near a Luddite! Don't so much cotton to all those new fangled things :-)

    I'm doing grilled sweet potatoes tonight too!

  2. Hi Chris. Beautiful looking food as usual!

    I gave you the Honest Scrap Award for being so honest about yourself.

    See my blog for details.

    I'd have thought you'd have no trouble with any technological gizmos!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  3. That food looks so healthy and appealing. How nice!

    Enjoy your new phone. I wish we could get a new one! Maybe next year.