Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat

Well, I had a good day today - food and entertainment-wise!
I got to Cardiff about 11am, the show didn't start till 2pm so I had time for some shopping and to eat some lunch before-hand. I did have a grilled veggie sandwich today as I really wasn't in the mood to indulge - and for once that mood lasted all day, despite lots of opportunities for pigging out! The most indulgent thing I did was get a skinny latte at Starbucks - and I resisted the muffins, cakes etc while I was in there! Starbucks was my first stop, to give me energy for some walking!
I then went on down to M&S where I bought 4 t-shirts. There wasn't much choice in styles - I suppose because we're getting on towards Autumn now - so I got 2 styles, each in 2 colours. Then I carried on down Cardiff Queen Street and went into Boots looking for some Nakd bars but they only had the original flavours, which I'm not too keen on, so I didn't bother.
I then had a little break from the shopping and walked down to Bute Arboretum to eat my sandwich. It wasn't warm enough to sit there for long, but I enjoyed it - even though my sandwich had gone soggy and fell apart when I tried to eat it! I used to work across the road from the Bute Arboretum a few years ago, and walking there in my lunch break was one of the nicest things about working in that part of Cardiff. If I worked there now I think I'd use it for lunchtime runs as the company had showers in the bathrooms!
Next stop was a health food shop. I didn't buy much in there - some sprouted spelt bread (haven't tried it yet so don't know what its like), some hemp seeds to add to my salads, and some nori sprinkles for the same thing, plus possibly also adding them to soups, maybe even smoothies if they don't have too strong a seaweedy taste!
I then went into a kitchen shop from some silicon bakeware. I tried it last week to make M some bran muffins and fell in love - its so much easier to get the muffins out without them sticking and breaking up! I bought 2 mini muffin pans and a bundt cake pan (I don't know why, I've never made a bundt cake in my life....!!!). The mini muffins are so that when hit by the urge to bake I can make tiny little mouth-sized muffins instead of just the big ones you get from normal pans. I think I might make some blackberry mini-muffins at the weekend if I have time (and then give them to M to hand out at work - still planning how to bake without eating, you see!!!)
I then went on one of the most unproductive food-hunts ever. I don't know why it has to be so hard to find tinned pumpkin in this country! I tried and failed all over London the other week, and today went to Howells (a department store that USED to have a good food hall - if you watched the Dr Who series with Christopher Ecclestone it was blown up in the first episode, right after he rescued Billie Piper from the aliens). Last year I bought 3 tins of pumpkin in there, today they had none... nor did a deli round the corner that also sells some American goodies, though they both sold mixes for cookies / muffins, Smuckers PB, and jars of Marshmallow fluff - none of which I bought!!!
So then I went to the theatre. Its not the most impressive theatre in the world - I grew up going to the gorgeous Theatre Royal in Bath, and this pales by comparison. Its quite small, too - but I suppose that makes it sort of cosy...

The show was excellent. The normal actor who plays Joseph didn't perform this afternoon, but the understudy - a young actor called Sam Cassidy - was excellent. And very beautiful, with a very nice body for all the scenes where he just wore a loincloth! Sadly I couldn't get a photo during the performance as they ask you not to use cameras in the auditorium, and all the posters etc show the other guy (nowhere near as pretty in my view) so as I didn't get round to buying a program I can't give you a picture! Still, for any English readers, if you get the chance to see the show I'd recommend it, and if the part of Joseph is being played by someone who appeared in 'Any Dream will do' this guy - Sam Cassidy - should be playing Benjamin instead (no bare-chested scenes though, so you won't get to truly appreciate his err... talent....Free Emoticons)
The day went downhill after the show though, when I got caught in rush-hour traffic and the journey home took twice as long as it should have Free Emoticons
Oh yes, before I forget: Weight today: 10st 6.3 lbs - not as bad as I expected after yesterdays piggish lunch!!
Food today:
All bran with blackberries
Grilled veggie sandwich

Home-made veggie soup with feta cheese crumbled on top, served with Nimble bread and laughing cow light cheese wedge; sugar-free fruit jelly
Protein smoothie and a protein bar

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  1. Hi Chris. Sorry I missed this post before. You certainly made up for the previous day foodwise. The veg sandwich does look great.

    Glad you enjoyed the show so much - and the eye candy!

    You'll just have to make the pumkin puree the hard way. Think of the all fun you'll have carving faces!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx