Monday, 14 September 2009

I ran!!!

Not far - but over 2 miles all round - and certainly not fast... but for the first time since the beginning of August I actually went for a run!
I had an argument with my body all the way....
Me: "Let's run."
Body: "Walking's easier. And more fun."
Me: "I want to run."
Body: "Well I don't. If we walk we can pick blackberries and talk to the livestock."
Me: "I can do that any time. Lets run today."
and so on for whole minutes... than my body seemed to remember that I did sometimes use to do this, and survived it, so maybe it wasn't absolutely out of the question after all. So it ran.

Weight today: 10st 5.5 lbs (145.5 lbs) - much more like it!!!

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