Saturday, 12 September 2009

I must confess...

... that I didn't weigh myself today. That's because after I had my (relatively) well-behaved takeaway yesterday I was still hungry and therefore had a curly wurly. And some blue corn tortilla chips, and then a small bar of chocolate... and so I didn't want to weigh in today. Surprisingly I still feel fairly positive today, and though I've eaten some more tortilla chips (and then thrown away the rest of the bag for my own protection) I've mostly been OK. I had a nice 5 mile walk in the sun this morning, and have eaten quite well generally:
All bran with strawberries, soya milk and a fresh fig
Grilled vegetable sandwich with grilled butternut squash 'chips'. I put some feta cheese in the sandwich as well.
The plan is to have some Italian flavoured tempeh on a massive salad with peppers, courgette, avocado and sweetfire beetroot. I've never had tempeh before (another fruit of the Whole Foods Market trip) so I'll update you later on that one!
EDIT: It was yummy, but the marinade was so well-flavoured that I still have no idea what tempeh tastes like!!!
2 summer fruit protein smoothies today, and a protein ball raw (nuts, seeds and dried fruit). Plus the corn chips of course.
We watched Madagascar 2 this afternoon. Loved it! I do like those mental penguins... It doesn't hurt that watching a movie in the living room keeps me away from the fridge, and the freezer, which currently holds some alphonso mango sorbet...

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  1. Hi Chris. I don't think a curly wurly - god what a blast from the past for us 70s children! - some tortilla chips and a small bar of chocolate is going to put on that much weight! It's fairly small beer. And you are doing a lot of walking which is going to rev your metabolism up.

    Your lunch sounds delicious. I'm allergic to soya protein so I've never tried tempeh (but not allergic to the highly refined soya emulsifier (fat component) so I can eat any amount of chocolate, more's the pity!)

    Sweetfire beetroot is my favourite. My mother used to have beetroot sandwiches. Nothing else in there, just butter and beetroot!

    Just keep away from the freezer tonight and you'll be fine.

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx