Sunday, 27 September 2009

Honest Scrap

10 things about me

1) After thinking about it for about a year, I decided on impulse to get a navel piercing - 1 day before going on holiday. Then I spent the next 24 hours worrying about setting off the metal detectors and having to expose my stomach to the security staff in the middle of a crowded airport! Plus holiday overeating made my clothes press on it uncomfortably and I had to spend the whole holiday rinsing it with saline a few times a day. God I'm smart...Free Emoticons

2) I was born a brunette - my hair fell out within a couple of days. It grew back red - and then in my early thirties started to fade. Now the people who love me call me a blonde... and all without hair dye!

3) I have a GCSE in Archaeology, at the time one of only about 20 people in the UK who had the chance to study Archaeology at school.

4) I'm a world class procrastinator, even when it comes to things I want to do, I rarely do them without putting it off first - sometimes several times - and have a tendency to make lots of lists instead of actually doing the things that need doing. (I think sometimes I actually convince myself that by writing the lists, I've already done the deed!) I get totally bogged down in how much I don't want to do - well, pretty much anything - and it never changes however many times the job turns out dead easy and really quick in the end.

5) I'm a life-long Dr Who fan, and Jon Pertwee was the best Dr Who of all time for me (even though I only saw him in re-runs, and grew up with Tom Baker in the role)

6) I can't sing - I mean at all. I like to to relieve stress though, so I keep my singing for when I'm alone in the car, on a motorway and no-one can hear me. No-one. At all. Its my biggest contribution to the ongoing survival and prosperity of the human race.

7) Physically I'm a complete coward. When I was about 10 I started learning judo. (I was quite good - went to a yellow belt at my first grading. I was very wriggly and hard to pin down Free Emoticons) I quit and never looked back when they told me to do a break fall (kind of a forward roll with a hard slam into the floor, breaking the fall with the arms) over the back of a person who was standing up, bent at the waist, with her hands on her knees. I just knew I wouldn't make it over and would send us both flying, so I wouldn't even try, burst into tears, and never went back for another lesson...

8) I took 5 attempts to pass my driving test, over a 10 year period. Anything else I would've given up on by then, but its hard to be an IT contractor without your own car. If we could afford it even now I'd hire a chauffeur rather than drive myself (and a nice Jag for him to drive me in!)

9) I've considered hypnosis to help me with the binging but don't really believe it works, so haven't gone there.

10) I once had a dream in which I was recovering from breast cancer. In my dream, I was thin from chemo and had had a double mastectomy. Because I was on a diet, and I've always hated having big boobs, when I woke up I was actually happy just for a minute... so even in my dreams my brain doesn't quite work properly when it comes to weight and body image... (this is to tell you how screwed up my head is, not in any way to make fun of or belittle breast or any other kind of cancer. When I'm awake and sane the idea of any kind of cancer scares me rigid.)

Hope those didn't scare you off!!!

I couldn't come up with 10 amazing blogs to pass this onto because other bloggers already beat me to it. A few I love and couldn't see the award on already though I might have missed it:
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Enjoy the award everyone! I believe you save the image as a picture then paste it into your blog... and hopefully give us a little list of 10 things we might not know about you!


  1. Thank you for the award :). I'm a huge procrastinator as well. What can I say? It's in my blood.

  2. Hi Chris.
    My voice broke at 16 and I've never been able to sing a note ever since! Very upsetting.

    I'm ashamed to say I can't drive although I did take some lessons a few years ago. I hope one day to resume them, until then a chauffeur would be very nice!

    That dream reminds me, some people will go through anything to lose a bit of weight ...

    I've not seen three of those blogs you're passing the award to, so more to discover - if I can cope with adding anymore to my reading list.

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx