Sunday, 6 September 2009

Happy Sunday

Almost had a lie in today!!! I was up at about 5:30 as usual for a comfort break, but then went back to bed until 7 am - unheard of! I must be in holiday mode Free Emoticons
Weight today: 10 st 6lbs Free Emoticons Whyyyyyyyy?
ah well... I'm sure it won't last, as it wasn't really earned.
Food today
Don't faint, but no all bran was harmed in the making of this breakfast....
I had a wholemeal tortilla wrap, filled with scrambled egg whites, dry fried mushrooms, green peppers and onion, topped with a stingy sprinkle of Caribbean hot pepper sauce! Delicious, different.... but so far not very filling Free Emoticons no picture as it just looked like a rolled up dull brown wrap really!
Another wrap is the plan, this one spread with laughing cow light cheese and filled with grilled red onion, red & yellow pepper, aubergine and courgette. If I manage the big walk I'm currently planning I might stick a few slices of potato in the grill as well.

The plan is to make a risotto with short grain brown rice, mushroom, spinach, veg stock, creme fraiche and laughing cow cheese. I'll begin to bake a couple of portobello mushrooms while that's cooking, then pile the risotto into the mushrooms, top with parmesan and bake for a few more minutes. It will be served with a salad and some roast asparagus.
Protein smoothie (which I may have to eat any minute now...) and fromage frais with peach slices.
The weather forecast for tomorrow is looking very wet so I may have to put off my London trip for a bit. I'll be watching the forecast as the day goes on! And I'll be back with photos!

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  1. Hi Chris. I'm always amazed at how early you get up! 3.30 ... 5.30 ... just glad you got a lie in until the extraordinarily late hour of 7am, lol!

    Breakfast sounds really good - but I'm not a believer in egg whites only. Maybe it would have been more filling with the yolks included?

    In fact all your food today sounds wonderful - my kind of food.

    Hope you got a good walk as planned.

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx