Thursday, 17 September 2009

Food photo diary

Today I decided to try photographing everything I ate for a day... unfortunately when I decided that I'd already eaten my all bran with blackberries & strawberries for breakfast, so you'll have to imagine that!
This is the famous spoonable thick smoothie - frozen summer fruits, 40 g fresh spinach, 30 g vanilla whey, a few goji berries and a small amount of soya milk, with chia seeds on top - my favourite snack as it feels like a nice creamy, decadent pudding.

For lunch I decided to try a tinned soup I bought at Whole Foods Market. I sprinkled it with nori sprinkles, and served it with bread (2 slices nimble, 1 slice sprouted spelt bread) and laughing cow cheese.

For dessert I stewed an apple in a little water with mixed spice, then at the last minute added blackberries just to release some of their juice. I sprinkled a spoonful of muesli on top to make a healthy, not-so-crumbly apple & blackberry crumble.

Which I ate with fromage frais, virtually fat free and unflavoured. I thought about adding more chia seeds but decided against it. Very yummy though!

Another smoothie was planned for afternoon snack, but I got back late from my walk so instead I just had a yoghurt:

And for dinner, a bolognese sauce made with quorn mince and bulgar wheat in place of the beef mince, served with a small portion of actual spaghetti and a larger portion of spiralized courgette and leek, all lightly steamed, to bulk up the pasta with fewer calories and carbs:
Followed by a fruit jelly:


  1. Hi Chris. That smoothie looks very good indeed. I should get some whey protein to go in my porridge - I'm sure it would make it more satisfying. I have the exact same nori sprinkle myself. When I was much younger and vegetarian I had a similar product all the time over my food and loved it. But this pack I bought last year and I just couldn't stomach it - very strange.

    Glad to see you have Stapleton. That particular flavour is the most indulgent! I have raspberry, blackcurrant and apple, and nectarine and passionfruit flavours in my fridge right now. I don't know if you have looked under the cardbaord container (has to be removed for recycling) but it's interesting as they explain why their yoghurt is such a good texture. Gloopy as I call it! It is the best.

    A wonderful days food! All looks very satisfying.

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  2. Your food looks good and healthy. I haven't taken too many photos yet of food. It feels like it would be a lot of work, but I bet it becomes easier if you do it daily.