Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Day 2 in London

Not aaass good as yesterday but still pretty damn good! Has anyone noticed how wonderful the weather is?? I nearly cancelled this trip for fear of rain!!!
I spent the day today being less cultural and more piggy. I think maybe I didn't eat enough yesterday for all the walking I did - I was starving all morning! For breakfast I had a roll with goat's cheese, a home-made bran muffin, and a Nakd gingerbread bar.
Then I got to the British Museum and went mad...... I had a scone with clotted cream & strawberry jam AND a chocolate tart!!! I wasn't really in a mood for museuming again, so I just said hello to my favourite Assyrian door panels and then went out into the streets again. M had asked me to check out some shops for him in Savile Row and Jermyn St - he'd like to go bespoke if we ever make it rich! I bought him a silk tie, we'll see if he likes it ;-). I then walked to Knightsbridge and stopped in at Harrods. I don't know why I always forget how much I hate that store - why do they turn shopping there into an intelligence test / endurance exercise? I can never find ANYTHING and their lingerie dept. is rubbish for a girl who - well lets say just no-one would ever mistake me for a man if they see me from the waist up shall we?
I almost forgot to say, I had a lovely lunch in itsu on Piccadilly - dynamite detox miso soup and spicy crab rolls. And I love that they clearly post their calorie info everywhere. I also had a krispy kreme key lime doughnut in Harrods for dessert - arrgh, the carbs won today!!!
I finished up the shopping part of the trip in Marylebone High Street - at the wonderful l'Artisans Parfumeur. Love love love their gorgeous scented candles - and their fragrances aren't bad either. I kept it down to 2 large and 2 small candles today though. I basically walked from Baker Street to Bond St (with a detour to the Selfridges food halls - where I bought NOTHING - and to waitrose, where I bought supplies for dinner tonight. M suggested I stay on another 2 days & 1 night, but now the shopping's done I think I'll head home tomorrow - sightseeing is so frustrating without a camera! Plus my shoulders and back are killing me from lugging heavy shopping bags around - I miss my rucksack!

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  1. Hi Chris. I'm picturing you walking all the places I used walk! I used to go the whole length of Oxford street shopping and then to a restaurant on Bond St or Leicester Square, or to the Trocederro to play the games there - I was only young then after all! The racing cars were my favourite.

    Slightly worried that you've gone a bit mad re food. At least your lunch sounds healthy - crab is one of my favourites. Not sure about the donut. Lime and doughnut don't go in the same sentence for me.

    You missed a trick re lingerie if you didn't visit Rigby and Pellar just round the side of Harrods. They are "the Queen's suppliers of ladies intimate apparel"! I used to buy my bras there. They do every size possible.

    Sounds like you've had a really luxe time. Shame about the camera though, but there's always next time.

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx