Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Cardiff Wednesday

That was a nice, relaxing wander around Cardiff with 2 of my favourite people in the world! We headed off bright and early, did lots of walking and very little shopping, chatted and relaxed... it was good! Mind you, it needed to be relaxing, I was talking to my Mum until 11 pm yesterday (about diet and weightloss - not that I'm obsessed or anything!) and then was awake by 4 am, up about 5:30 am... add that to lots of walking and fresh air, and I think you have the recipe for an early night!
Food today:
All bran with a nectarine, soya milk and a dollop of fromage frais

We went back to Wetherspoons and I had the 5 bean chilli again. Its made with quorn and bulgar wheat as well as beans, and I think its really quite tasty. No dessert this time! I walked out of there afterwards instead of waddling like the last time I went out with Mum and her OH!
The weather was nothing special and its hard for a city to look its best with grey skies so I didn't take a lot of photos. Couldn't resist this cheeky seagull getting way too personal with Aneurin Bevan (founder of the NHS) though! He looked a bit annoyed to me...

I did buy a couple of bits of food. This spicy peanut butter is for M, one of his favourite suppers is chicken satay skewers dipped into a sauce I make with peanut butter (crunchy or smooth works) mixed with hot water and hot sauce. It couldn't be more simple, but I use plenty of hot sauce and he likes the contrast between the creaminess of the sauce and the 'bite' of the spices! Hopefully this will have a similar effect!

For my experimentation with new recipes I've been looking for new vegetables and fruits. I can't find many in the supermarkets, but there's a stall in Cardiff Market with some more exciting goodies. I got (left to right) a cassava bulb, 2 eddoes and a kohlrabi. I haven't decided what to do with them, but I'm looking forward to having a play!

I finished off the walnut bread (with laughing cow) and the mushroom sesame tofu stew by adding it to miso broth again. For a bit of variety I also added some spinach for just long enough to wilt it:

I followed it with a very tiny bit of mango sorbet just because...
A protein bar, a bahlsen 'jaffa cake' biscuit, and a small handful of wasabi nuts from Cardiff Market. Plus some other interesting nibbles from the stall I bought the nuts at - the guy kept offering us samples in the hope we'd buy more. I only got the wasabi nuts because I hoped I'd only be able to eat one or two at a time, but it seems my tolerance for spice is better than I thought - sadly! He had chocolate coated fruits and nuts (my favourites are dates and brazil nuts so I steered well clear of those!) and spicy / honey coated nuts as well. I could have spent a fortune and bought 1000's of calories worth but I didn't dare!
Weight today: 10 st 3.1 lbs!!!! (143.1 lbs). Not sure if I'll keep that up (or down...) tomorrow given the nuts etc since I got home... we'll see! I have gone a little over the calories, but so long as I stop now I think I've been really restrained for a day out - and not for the lack of opportunities! I had a glass of wine with dinner, finished the bottle so now I'm going to flush it all out with plenty of water / herbal tea while watching Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall in Key Largo. Have a good evening!


  1. Hi Chris. Glad you've had a lovely time with your mum. Bet you'll sleep well tonight!

    I had no idea of Bevan's first name. Maybe it's a Welsh name? I've never heard of it before.

    Very interesting veg ... not pretty, but interesting. Can't wait to see what you're going to do with them!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  2. Hi Chris, Cardiff sounds like a lovely place to spend the day. Hope you get some good rest tonight.