Saturday, 5 September 2009


No, not like that...

like that!!!

As I was walking into town today I found myself in a field, with a hedgerow filled with free-range, unforced, wild blackberries. I had to munch on a few... and I also filled a tub with plump, juicy berries! I don't like shop-bought blackberries, but I love them handpicked by moi - and not (I don't think) just because they're free! They taste so much better, and I like knowing they grew naturally, with no fertilizers or pesticides, and were picked by me on foot (no carbon footprint!)
Some I'll eat fresh (just had a handful, then had to come write about them!) and some I'll freeze for smoothies and possible baking projects in the future.
Weight today: 10 st 5.4 lbs - not bad after last nights takeaway! We ate later than usual and I ate every mouthful, so I expected a much less pleasant weigh-in today!
Food for today:
High fibre porridge - the oat and wheatbran cooked with banana and then mixed with whey protein and soya milk. I also had a soft-boiled egg - haven't had one of these for years and years (I've never actually cooked one myself before today). I did it for 3 mins exactly but forgot my egg was quite large, so next time I'll add 30 secs on to that I think. It was still tasty!
Innocent veg pot - the thai coconut curry one. I really like this but rarely have it because they're so expensive (this one was less than 1/3 the normal price) and because I like cooking too much to eat many ready meals.
Vegetable fried rice (home made) - yum yum yum! And a rather strange bottle of beer - banana bread beer? Why exactly.....?

A plum, a fig, a handful of over-ripe strawberries, 2 No No Hot & Spicy crackers, a summer fruit protein smoothie and 3 mini meringue nests. Plus an uncounted number of blackberries of course!
I had a lovely sunny walk this morning, stopping on the way to say hello to this guy...
and came back with the munchies!!!

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  1. Hi Chris. Thanks for your support. You are never rambling by the way - everything you say is entirely relevant and very much appreciated.

    Blackberrying! So delightful! Brings back childhood memories. And I agree about shop bought. They are bred to be big and even and robust for transport but they have no taste and cost a huge amount of money.

    I used to love 'bramble jelly' ie seedless jam made from blackberries and possibly other fruit added in as well.

    I haven't had a boiled egg in years either. Again memories of childhood. Thanks for all the good memories you're bringing back! This is a real feel good post full of the joys of being alive - good for me to read.

    Love the black swan - do you have many in Wales? I thought they were very rare.

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx