Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Birthday treat day

120 push-ups by 7am!
Weight today: 10 st 5.4 lbs (145.4 lbs) again - but considering it was my birthday yesterday and I ate cookies and cheesecake, I'll take it!
Thanks, Bearfriend, for your lovely comment on my progress on the cookie-baking & not eating front! I'm not sure I'm up to having 30-odd cookies lying around the house without eating them, but I am pleased with how well I did. Especially as I kept a few back when packing them up for work to give to my Mum & her fiance and they're still intact! (even though I didn't tell them they were getting some and therefore they wouldn't have been missed...;-)) I think I'll risk baking again at Christmas and give cookies to the family as that will again allow me to indulge my inner baker without the need for continuous self-control!
And I have an untouched (since the weekend) pint of mango-berry sorbet in the freezer as well... that was the reason I went upstairs very very early last night to read blogs in bed, but once again it worked! And I've used another avoidance technique today - amazing how much easier it is to be good when you're not constantly working against the temptation to be bad... I had enough money at lunchtime today to buy some chips, or a cheesecake with honey, or a chocolate mousse... all of them appealed to me in different ways, and I was definitely leaning towards one of them... and then I bought a black coffee from the Starbucks franchise in the canteen and no longer had enough money on me (I could've got some from the car, but I wasn't that keen on any of them). I still had the cash for a chocolate bar, but that wasn't very appealing... and now the canteen is closed, so I can't get any of those things even if I were willing to fetch some cash in from the car, and in an hour I'll be going home where my Mum will help me stay on the straight and narrow! Even though I'm having a takeaway tonight, I think with her around to see me if I get up to anything it will be a lot easier not to!
Food today:
same old same old
Houmous, peppers & salad leaves in a wholemeal Discovery wrap and a Cajun Hot & Spicy cup-a-soup
Chinese takeaway as my Mum & her fiance are over tonight. I had mixed vegetable chow mein with mixed vegetables side order
Stewed apple with fromage frais; peaches with fromage frais; babybel light cheese; two banana cookies; 2 small plums - oops! I also baked some muesli squares - like flapjack but with muesli and dessicated coconut - and ate a very small square for dessert! The rest will have to be given to Mum / taken to work tomorrow - it seems like a waste, but I wanted to bake them more than I want to eat them!

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  1. Hi Chris. That's a lot of push ups ... your arms will be like Madonna's, lol! I've never tried to do more than 20 in one go, but I'll challenge myself now to see how many I can do!

    It's always a relief when circumstances conspire to make it easier not to go off the rails!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx