Thursday, 10 September 2009

Back to normal

Well, today has been good - very good in fact!
I weighted in at 10 st 7.5 lbs (147.5 lbs) this morning (while constipated - sorry if TMI). I'd been resigned to anything up to 10 st 10lbs, so that was a good start. I decided to have a vegetarian day today, and so far its been just that. I can't believe how energetic I've felt!
Food today:
All bran topped with a little muesli and some blackberries (the fresh wild self-picked ones!)
A salad of courgette & carrots with a little sweetcorn, red onion, jalapeno and tomato and a big smoothie of banana, spinach, vanilla whey and soy milk - oh, and I added an apple
Will be an Innocent veg pot as they were reduced again - giant cous cous with butternut squash (my favourite veggie!) and coriander. Served with courgette and asparagus.
Summer fruit smoothie and another smoothie - this one had spinach, carrots, strawberries, summer fruit, peach and fig in it as well as a teaspoon of sugar-free peanut butter and some vanilla whey. Topped with some chia seeds to thicken it and give a little crunch. It was so filling! And really tasty!
I've also got enough calories for some hummous and veggies but I'm not sure if I'll have room!
Activity / exercise today:
In between loads of laundry... 40 mins on the elliptical walker. 40 mins walk to the post office to collect a parcel. 40 mins walk to the bottle bank & then Waitrose for some shopping, then 40 mins back again - carrying the heavy shopping!
Quite relaxing after the sheer quantity of walking the last couple of days - but I feel good!!!!

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  1. Hi Chris. Sounds like your body wants to eat really clean after the rich food you've had recently. I know that feeling of your body just crying out for fruit and veg. It's great you've got so many possibilities and great recipes to hand to satisfy that type of need. Should also see off the constipation. Have you tried good bacteria tablets for this problem? I use acidophilus capsules from H and B. My bowel would struggle without them.

    This seems to have been the perfect day! Plenty of exercise - and doesn't it always feel better when it just comes as part of getting other jobs done? - lots of housework ticked off, and really good eating as well. One day I'd like my life to be like this!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx