Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Adrift without a plan

Food today:
All bran with nectarine! It was a lovely change! Even though the nectarine went OVERNIGHT from hard as rock 'ripen at home' to squidgy and wrinkly 'use it or lose it' - why do they do that??? I thought it was just pears but I guess not...
no idea!!! I'll have to fill you in tonight on this one... My mum's OH wants to take us out to lunch today, it'll be nice but we haven't decided where yet so I can't plan for it. Given that I've just started feeling a bit more under control I find that a little bit nervewracking and was actually wishing I could cook for us all earlier. Then I realised that sounds a bit obsessional, I need to be able to go out for lunch now and then without feeling like everything is going to go wrong. So I'll just try to focus on enjoying it, making the best choice I'm capable of (even if that proves to be not very good if there's something irresistable on offer) and get back on track ASAP. As they say, this isn't a diet, its a healthy eating plan for life..
Will be light as we're eating out at lunchtime. I'm thinking I'll be having a grilled veggie sandwich, as the thought still makes my mouth water. Or maybe houmous and veggies if my lunch proves improbably well behaved, we'll see.
I think I'll try not to snack too much today - that usually goes better when they're here. They aren't arriving till after 10, so I'll probably have something before they get here - most likely a smoothie - and try to leave it at that. It all sounds so indeterminate...
There won't be time for training today - I am a slob, so I have a lot of housework to do this a.m. getting the place fit to be visited. Given the state of my legs I'm not sorry about that... We'll probably go for a walk later, but they tend to be gentle ambles because my Mum & her OH both suffer from arthritis. Mind do me good!
Weight today: 10 st 5.4 lbs (145.4 lbs) - a very slight drop, I think I deserve more than that after all my hard work (and well-behaved eating) yesterday - but I guess I'll take it... I think my muscles in my legs are retaining water today - god knows they are aching. The fewer stairs I have to climb today the better! (or is that the worse... I probably need to keep the blood flowing, even if it hurts...?)


  1. You are doing great!! Hang in there!!

  2. Hi Chris. Don't panic about not having a clear plan for today. Just relax about it. It's only one meal. And after that meal you'll be able to make a clear plan for the rest of the day. Just try not to have anything that'll unsettle your blood sugar and you'll be fine.

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  3. Hi there Chris! Just wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting my blog last week. My in-laws are also English and living in Wales :) It is a beautiful place!