Thursday, 3 September 2009

The Accidental Granola, and a non-food treat

Well, the muesli squares were a taste triumph - and a square fail! When they came out of the oven they were very crumbly... so I put them in the fridge over-night on a plate. It didn't occur to me to put them on some kitchen roll or greaseproof paper first... and overnight some of them stuck to the plate like glue! so instead of 18 muesli squares I got about 15 of varying sizes plus a small amount of home-made granola when the others fell apart as I prised them off the plate Free Emoticons Ah well, I've never made granola before.... and I can't buy it because I pig out on it, so maybe making my own in very small quantities is no bad way to go!!!
Under my mum's influence I booked myself a treat last night - I'm going to the theatre in Cardiff to see Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat on Sept. 16th. I'm not really a musical-gal, but nor is my Mum - she was persuaded to go and see it in Bath by a friend of hers - and she absolutely loved it. With a personal recommendation like that, how could I resist? I'll be going to the matinee performance because I don't much care for driving in the dark, and I'm really looking forward to it!
Weight today: 10st 6.5 lbs :-( damn that sodium!!!! (I wonder how long I can keep using that excuse.... ;-))
120 pushups so far - its 6:45 am so hopefully I'll do more later. I tend to do them in 'sets' of 25 or 30 (just stepped it up to 30) and just 'drop and give me 30' whenever I think of it and I'm alone (the faces I feel myself pulling by the time I hit about 21 would terrify small children - and some adults - if I were seen!) Also 35 triceps dips, I've been forgetting to do those lately so my arms were really burning. I hope that means its doing me good rather than killing me slowly!!!
Food today:
Guess what?
Big salad with feta cheese and chicken fried in spray oil with taco seasoning, with cheesecake with honey... I know, but this is the last time I'll be having it, and they'd topped it with some walnut halves and I didn't eat it all anyway.... Stop judging me lol
Egg white frittata with asparagus, broccoli, onion & green pepper in it; should have been served with a salad but I just couldn't face it
Fromage frais with peaches (need to stew some more apples!) and a wholemeal discovery wrap with houmous, mixed peppers and salad leaves. Plus - who am I trying to kid - some of the accidental granola while I was trying to prise it off the plate and a very small muesli square or 2.

As I have this overwhelming urge to bake at the moment, and I'm losing my captive audience at work tomorrow, today I also made Blondies as soon as I got home...
I used this recipe with dried cherries and cacao nibs
Here they are just out of the oven - they have to cool before I can slice them, so teh final picture may follow tomorrow or later tonight They smell wonderful, and when I accidentally Free Emoticons tasted the raw batter I wanted to dive in there naked and just eat till it was all gone or I died... so I'm hoping they'll go down well!!!


  1. You are a better man than me - no way I could make all this stuff without diving in! And awesome job on the pushups!

  2. Hi Chris. Hope your blondies go down well. Maybe you should volunteer to provide cakes/ biscuits for a local charity? Where I live there are regular coffee morning events for hospices etc where homemade cakes are the main draw.

    Glad you told us you don't do the push ups all in one go! I thought you were superhuman!

    Cheesecake sounds nice!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx