Friday, 28 August 2009


Bit tired today after a later night last night. M was home and we were discussing a possible holiday in November - 2 weeks at a Sandals resort in Cuba with his entire family (parents + brother + brother's girlfriend). It's been raised before and I did feel a bit negative about it, largely because I find being around lots of people quite tiring and stressful if it lasts for days, but after our talk I'm feeling a bit more interested. Its expensive, but I like the over 18 age limit. We spent one day in Cuba on our very first cruise - doing a tour of Havana - and loved it, so a return trip would be nice, although the Sandals is at the other end of the island, on Varadero Beach. We haven't made up our minds, but it is appealing.
We also talked about my birthday next week. M made 2 suggestions for my birthday present; he offered me a choice between a Sony Reader (link) and a treatment package at a local spa. Its really hard to choose because on the one hand the spa treatment package is particularly appealing to help me relax right now, and on the other hand I'm an obsessive reader - and if we do go away again I could carry dozens of books with me for the weight of one smallish paperback. I think the Reader is likely to be my choice now, but I've already hinted at a spa package for Christmas. All that discussing kept me up past my bedtime, and now I've got a serious attack of the yawns! We also watched an episode of the BBC program Coast, which was about Norway, and included Geiranger as well as many places we didn't get to visit.
Food today:
Very very very high fibre porridge for breakfast - a huge bowl of oats + wheat bran with half a scoop of vanilla whey, half a banana and some chia seeds. It wasn't the tastiest, but by the time I'd cooked it (on the hob) I didn't have time to get anything else before work so I made do. It certainly tasted healthy...
Lunch:'Cooked breakfast' - one slice toast, one sausage, rasher of bacon, and fried egg. I decided not to wait till next week to have these given that I want to go back on my diet on Sept 2nd - especially if I might be on holiday in the Caribbean sun in November, I want to be in gooooood bikini shape!!!
I'll try to get round to eating the stir fry I didn't have yesterday
Huge smoothie with summer fruits, garden fruits, goji berries, soya milk, fromage frais and ground (well, bashed really) linseeds. And - oops - a Cadbury's Crunchie... and the houmous and pepper sandwich that was supposed to be my lunch before I decided on the cooked breakfast...
Weight today: 10 st 7.5 lbs (147.5 lbs) No surprises there , I could taste the sodium in my takeaway! I genuinely didn't eat an enormous portion so I'm sure that's what it is...
25 + 26 + 27 = 78 push-ups! by 8am! and 40 triceps dips! no wonder my shoulders and arms ache...


  1. Hi. I understand what you mean about having to be with other people all the time in a situation like that. And especially when they are family/ in laws ... could be very stressful. But I'm sure you and hubby will get to have a bit of time on your own as well. As long as he understands your needs in regard to this you should be fine. Negotiate before you go about time apart from group?

    Re snack: fresh figs are lovely with low fat cheese (soft or hard). And not available out of their season so a good change. I (when I can get out) will try to get some Discovery apples as they're my favourites and only available for a few weeks a year. They go well with a little half fat cheddar. Totally satisfying and as no starchy carbs they don't trigger cravings (or add to water retention).

    78 push ups ... that's a lot!

    Thanks for comments on my blog. I was thinking along similar lines to the things you suggest - will discuss further in this evenings post.

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  2. The spa treatment will be forgotten long before a few of those books will have on your book reader. If it wasn't for my computer I'd likely not get in my house...I've got books tucked just about everywhere.

    Happy birthday a bit early.

    And remember at foolsfitness a push up and a dip would be what you do just before going to the emergency room.- Alan

  3. WOW good for you and Happy birthday early!!Love,