Thursday, 13 August 2009

Why is it so hard to get back on track after a holiday?

XEvery time I go away - for one week, or two, it doesn't seem to matter - I spend the next week struggling to get back on plan. I want, I really want to shed the extra pounds ASAP and then get back to trying to work out the maintenance thing, but instead I plan - and even eat - healthy meals, then stuff my face with (in this case healthy) extras in between meals. On this occasion, I'm not even doing it to the degree that it puts me over cals for the week, based on a 1lb a week loss, which is my target so I don't starve and binge. Yet it is enough to stall the weight loss (perhaps because my exercise cals are being over-estimated?) and frustrate the hell out of me. Ah well, logically I know that so far I'm doing better than I usually do (still only had 1 curly wurly - counted in my cals - and NO B&J frozen yoghurt!), and its my own fault for wanting to get back to 10st (140 lbs) by a week on Saturday when my family, and M's parents, are all descending on my house for a barbecue. Why it seemed a good idea to do this right after the holiday back in May when I was planning it, I'm not entirely sure....
Weight today 147 lbs (10 st 7lbs) and constipated.... and wearing my favourite skinny trousers, which fit altogether too closely today... (some might say 'painted on'... or skin tight... luckily the jacket is a reasonable length, or I wouldn't be wearing them to work (or anywhere else) for a good few lbs)
Food today:
All bran and peaches and strawberries (extra All bran and fruit for the fibre....)
Slightly weird combo. 2 wedges of the crustless quiche, wrapped in a WW tortilla that's been spread with a little Discovery salsa; plus some spinach in there as well. It wasn't bad, but the wrap fell to pieces and it was awkward to eat, so it would have to be better than not bad to do it again. And a portion of home-made veggie soup.
2 more slices of crustless quiche (it needs eating now that its been defrosted!) with a big salad of mixed leaves, cucumber, tomato and sweetfire beetroot and some nimble bread spread with laughing cow light cheese.
Ryvita goodness cranberry & apple bar * 2 (again with the fibre!) and cassava crackers. My carbs today are high and the protein's low, but the fibre's VERY high so I'm hoping that will fill me up a bit!

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