Saturday, 22 August 2009


Weight today (Friday): 10st 6.5 lbs (146.5lbs) Another half pound down! But I think that may be slight dehydration due to the 2 glasses of Sauvignon Blanc I had last night to calm down after my little tantrum. I mean, how childish was that really??? My trousers are tight, boo hoo - lets deal with that by eating a few hundred unnecessary calories and make them even tighter! (they fit better today btw, I think they are now relaxing after the wash). I will try not to be so pathetically babyish again - for a while anyway. My weight today is pretty irrelevant anyway, as tomorrow will undo any good work I've done. But if I'm going to (temporarily) gain 4 lbs over night, I'd rather do it from a starting point of 146 than 148, so I'll take it.
Food today:
The usual for breakfast
A huge sandwich of wholemeal bread spread with laughing cow light, stuffed with grilled red pepper, aubergine, red onion and courgette (sprayed lightly with olive oil). I meant to include mushrooms but forgot to grill them. EDIT: OMG yummy!!! so simple yet so good... just one let down - I only had rubbishy wholemeal packaged bread, in my favourite buckwheat or spelt bread it would have been OUT OF THIS WORLD. Also, I'd like to try grilling it in my health grill next time, if I'm eating it at home rather than work. But there will be a next time, oh yes there will! Even the aubergine was lovely and I'm not usually a fan... It would also go well in a wrap, and if I had the cals, would be scrumptious with the spicy Mexican bean pate I had yesterday, I think. I'd like to try it with some juicy Portabello mushroom another time as well, or maybe some feta or goats cheese. Next time, a photo!!!
Home-made bean and vegetable soup. Tomorrow I'll be eating so much meat I wanted a veggie day today, and a light one at that. I'll probably pair it with a salad of lamb's lettuce and various other salad veggies if I can think of a half way appealing combo, and try to squeeze in some feta cheese for the protein as well.
At the moment all I have is 2 apples. I meant to pair each of them with a mini babybel light, but forgot to pack the cheeses. Added protein by buying a low fat yoghurt (with honey) from the canteen
I've done either 65 or 70 push-ups this morning - I was counting, but after 2 sets of 25 I did another set that was definitely shorter and forgot how many I'd done as soon as I stood up. My chest isn't hurting as much today (on Wednesday just pushing the Dyson around was mildly painful, so I'm glad about that)

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