Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Surprising realisation..

One of the things I've always loved about cruising is the food. That hasn't changed, and I thoroughly enjoyed pigging out big time on the recent cruise. But since I started building posts on the last holiday (I meant to at least make notes as I went, but forgot that as well as forgetting to take pictures of most of the food) I have realised that I barely remember most of it - certainly as far as the starters, soups and salads are concerned. Even where I have photographs my memory is not always jogged... for instance, I've no idea what kind of soup this was. (I think it might have been gumbo, but I'm not really sure... it seems to contain cream and I'm not even sure if you can have cream in gumbo?) So I've eaten hundreds or thousands of totally forgettable calories, just because I'm on holiday. Maybe next time I'll do this less, or maybe I'll just take more pictures ;-) but it does make me think a bit...

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