Thursday, 13 August 2009


An early start at Stavanger - so no gym before the tour. We met in the theatre at about 8 am, and trooped out to board another (much smaller) boat for a trip into the Lysefjord. As we waited for the boat to move off we noticed some unexpected jellyfish in the water of the harbour... The trip lasted about 4 hours in total. It started off by shooting across a wide, exposed area of the fjord and was so windy that we had to brace ourselves to stay upright (we chose to stand on the deck rather than sitting inside). The scenery was quite spectacular

though the sky was grey all morning, which didn't help. Half way through the trip we stopped at a restaurant for a waffle and some AMAZING home-made strawberry preserves and extra thick cream to spread on it. (I was too embarrassed to take a photo as we were sharing the table with some strangers, but it didn't look as good as it tasted anyway...) I decided on the spot to buy a waffle iron! We then spent a few minutes wandering around photographing everything that moved and a lot that didn't ;-) including a turkey that was sharing a cage with a rabbit, and a very adventurous goat...

Then it was back on the boat to return to the pier by a more roundabout route along the cliffs and islands to see waterfalls and more goats (they came to greet the boat and were fed on left-over waffles - apparently a regular thing!)
I had been planning to go to the gym in the afternoon, but was too hungry by the time we got back to the ship so it was off to the buffet for a late lunch, then an afternoon spent exploring the ship a little more and vegetating in the cabin (I fell asleep watching a movie - I can't even remember what it was called!) We also had a spa treatment - about which more later!
That evening we met for cocktails in the Martini bar again then had dinner in the Silk Harvest, one of 4 restaurants on the Equinox for which you have to make a reservation and pay a cover charge. This one is described by celebrity as fusion and combined flavours of China, Thailand, Japan... The waiter selected our meal for us, and we had mixed appetisers, followed by sushi, then a few main dishes - curries etc - to share, followed by a mixed dessert. It was so beautiful I forgot to photograph any of it until reminded at dessert - so all I snapped was this dessert of coconut ice-cream and caramelised banana (sorry! but I'm still learning...)


  1. Oh Chris, your holiday sounds spectacular! My guy works for a Norwegian firm and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he will be needed in Oslo sometime soon.

    Your dessert looks divine! I'm looking forward to hearing about the spa treatment.

  2. Thanks Roxie!
    It was a wonderful holiday and I'd go back like a shot - so I'll keep my fingers crossed for you getting to Oslo!