Monday, 17 August 2009

I just read the book 'Julie & Julia'. I hadn't heard of it or the blog until bloggers I read started talking about the movie, and at the weekend I found it in the library. Really enjoyed it! I started trying to think of a cook book I could follow in the same way, but I don't really have a single culinary hero of that kind so nothing (so far) really grabbed me. I know it sounds like I have no imagination when I say that, but I want to get back into rut-busting cooking next week and picking a single special cookbook would certainly help with that. Perhaps picking a different ethnicity of food would be the way to go - although then there's the hassle of trying to get hold of exotic ingredients. Maybe I should order a new cookbook (any excuse!!!). First though I should go through the ones I have, since I have several I've never cooked from and quite a few I've probably forgotten buying. It would be nice to give myself a mission to healthify the recipes too - ideally without getting obsessive about it! Hmm, now that sounds like something I could get behind - not to try to turn every recipe diet-friendly (as I really am soooo bored with dieting), just to give myself a little personal investment in the end results of the cooking. I will go through my stash of cookbooks soon I think...

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