Saturday, 22 August 2009


Arriving as the sun rose

The harbour, seen from the ship
The welcome party

The last port on our holiday was Oslo. We've been there before on a Baltics & Scandanavia trip a couple of years ago. When I first started looking into the shore excursions there was another hike listed for Oslo - into the forest for a change - but when I tried to book it that tour wasn't listed for our holiday. The rest were just city tours, and we'd done one on our last visit, so we didn't bother booking anything.
Instead we just walked into the town from the ship and explored a bit ourselves, and I didn't even bother taking photographs because I just wasn't inspired.
We walked through the shopping area and up to the Royal Palace (not open to the public) then came back through the attached Park. The Palace was very grand - as palaces usually are - but looked strangely unfinished - even plonked - because the area in front was just a huge patch of gravel in poor condition (perhaps cleared for tarmac to be replaced?) and the park was only planted with lawns and trees, so that was a bit disappointing, hence the lack of photographic inspiration. The most interesting thing for me was that I wore my Vibram 5 fingers to walk into town. The advertising says you can wear these for walking, hiking, climbing and running. I'd already decided they weren't supportive enough for hiking; now that I've got a bruised big toe from stubbing my toe a few times walking through Oslo (so I'm clumsy, is that my fault???) I don't think I'll be trying them for running - or any walking except perhaps around a supermarket. Still the coolest shoes ever though, they are excellent for use on the elliptical walker and not bad on the stationary bike, and they did (eventually) make me pay more attention to where I was walking so perhaps that's a good thing...
Don't remember dinner at all, not good! Except that I think I had some kind of fruit dish to start and dessert was baked alaska for the traditional 'haven't the crew been wonderful' thank you extravaganza (I don't like baked alaska much, and they don't offer a choice...)

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