Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Not so Maintaining today...

Weight today: 10 st 7.5 lbs = not maintaining - BOO!!!
but I KNOW that is not justified by my eating lately so I KNOW it will come off as soon as it appeared (well, that bit is more of a hope....) so I'm trying not to panic too much. Or dive head-first into a lake of chocolate peanut butter.
I did 40 push-ups yesterday - and 45 this morning! I don't do any resistance work at the moment (no, not even my kettlebells!) and I want to - well, at least I think I should - I figure this is a start! At least I can feel the ache in my upper arms and chest muscles that don't get worked by my other training. Although doing them at work, dressed in a business suit, on the floor behind my desk may be an unusual way to incorporate new exercise ;-) (if anyone asks, I'm looking for a pen that rolled under a desk!!!) I'm slightly freakish where push-ups are concerned, even when I haven't done them for months (like yesterday) I can knock off 20 or so in one set without collapsing and dying - and I don't do the girly kind resting on my knees either (never tried the hardcore ones either mind you - no clapping / one hand / one leg / elevated feet or whatever). I can hold a plank for over a minute without any practice as well! But don't hate me, I'm too lazy to have the kind of muscles these feats imply. But maybe that's about to change, if I can just get into the habit this time...
A pretty sun-rise this morning didn't really help my mood

Food today:
All bran and strawberries. Smoothie made with 'garden fruit frozen mix' - strawberries, rhubarb, plums, blackberries and blackcurrants. Very delicious, not too sweet even though I used vanilla whey in it, which is stuffed full of artificial sweeteners.
Big salad with frozen edamame, chick peas, feta cheese and hard boiled egg for protein
Home-made soup - black bean and veg. With a hot salad of roasted vegetables tossed with mild curry paste.

Fromage frais with peaches, hummus with veggies. Red pesto houmous - too oily for me so I didn't finish it :-(

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