Wednesday, 19 August 2009

My PC is dying.

Slowly, apparently of heat exhaustion. Every so often, on a hot day, when the PC has been on for a while (usually with lots of web pages open) it just turns itself off without warning - and a dull thud. It happened a few times before we went away, then it calmed down - perhaps because the weather reverted to the cool damp norm for a Welsh summer. Last night it happened again for the first time in about a month. Because I'm a bad (and reluctant) IT person I hadn't backed it up for weeks. So I panicked and prepared myself for the loss of all my holiday photos and other essentials.
Luckily it booted up just fine this morning and I was able to back everything important up onto a DVD at 4 am. It is definitely warning me what is to come, so I now need to choose a new one in readiness. Unfortunately, even though I work in IT I am about as technical as a pad and pencil, so I have no clue what to look for - usually I inherit cast off PCs from M, and he specs them up himself. As he's a gamer and I'm not, this gives me a ridiculously over-spec'd PC with super-fast graphics cards and things that I never use. I use the Internet, Excel, Word and Notepad. And that's it. But when I do these things I want them to be done really fast. And I need lots of space for photos that I never look at apart from when I'm uploading onto this blog or when they pop up as part of the slideshow that is my screensaver. In a case that's small enough to fit in the ridiculously small foot well of my desk, without me bashing my knee off it 6 times a day, or possibly in the shape of a laptop. I don't like laptops much, but the idea of not bashing my knee so often is very appealing. Anyway, should I suddenly disappear for a few days, (without previously bragging about an upcoming holiday) know that its probably because my PC has finally had as much as it can take, and I'm sitting somewhere writing posts on PAPER with a PENCIL while I wait for the mills of Dell (or whoever) to grind me out a new PC.

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