Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Maintained today - yay me!
I infinitely prefer to lose weight over maintaining (I know, who doesn't?) especially when my weight is a little higher than I prefer it to be. But I believe this attitude makes it harder for me to maintain when I have reached my target weight, as I feel de-motivated. So having decided to aim to maintain just for this month, I think I will have to be a one-woman cheerleading team for myself when I do maintain. Even though next month (after my birthday on the 1st) I plan to try to trim back another 4-6 pounds or so. Who knows though - by then I may have decided I like this weight (BMI 23.something, so its a healthy weight for me). I doubt it, as my favourite 'skinny' trousers for work are just a little bit too snug in certain areas at the moment, they fit better at least 2 lbs lighter.
Food today:
The usual
Another salad with falafels, but this time I added some feta cheese as well - and I managed to remember to bring some bread & laughing cow to go with it so hopefully that will stop me rushing off after cheesecake at lunchtime. Yum! The falafels were even nicer today, I will be buying them again before long! And there was no onion of any kind today - my sinuses are still traumatised from yesterday's red onion!!!
Teriyaki tofu (already marinating in the fridge!) with a handful of prawns, a stir fry veggie pack, and buckwheat noodles if I behave until then.

Fromage frais with tinned peaches. I've replaced the raspberries & fromage frais with sweet chilli houmous & veggies - carrots, mixed bell peppers, sugar-snap peas and celery. Its a huge portion of veggies so that should be filling! EDIT: Why do I find a huge portion of veg filling (at the time) but not satisfying (for very long)? Somehow I can't help feeling they lack something - something like peanut butter, or cake! The problem might be that there wasn't enough of the houmous - I'm so hooked on this stuff, its wonderful - and I ran out half way through the veggies!

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  1. Woo Hoo for maintenance! Your food looks yummy! How long is it until dinner time?