Wednesday, 12 August 2009

I'm going to die (slightly) young....

Optimistic women are healthier and more likely to survive all kinds of things for longer than pessimists or cynics. Damn - that gets me both ways. I do try to be optimistic, but its somewhat harder when fairly large chunks of your life just suck - like the 8 hours a day spent testing software in an ooze of depressing tedium, surrounded by similarly miserable and cynical other testers. In fact the one slightly cheering thing I took from this article was that at least being a miserable b*tch was likely to shorten my life enough to reduce the time I spend doing this job anyway.... Does that qualify as optimism? I doubt it. But its the best I can do today. Post-holiday blues are going strong.
Food today:
All bran with strawberries and a delicious, INSANELY spoonable very nearly knife-and-forkably thick summer fruit smoothie
Home-made veggie soup with a slice of the crustless quiche I made before the holiday to use up veggies and egg whites. With some nimble wholemeal bread and laughing cow.
Home-made black bean-veggie soup with nimble and laughing cow. A theme is developing.... I do that sometimes when I have weight to take off as soon as possible after a holiday
Fromage frais with peaches and raspberries. And some peanut butter, cassava crackers, and a curly wurly. I did manage a good long walk with my trusty (and very heavy) rucksack after work though. I guess my body is still trying to eat for a cruiser... but I'll struggle on, it just may take a few more days to re-adapt.

Weight today: 10st 6lbs (146 lbs). I trained late last evening (cycled 40 mins in my fetching new padded cycling shorts (photo)) and then nibbled some stuff, using up the calories I'd burned and giving myself a completely predictable supper tummy bulge today - I cannot eat after about 7 pm without being slightly heavier the next day, regardless of what or how much I eat. Last night it was a teaspoon of peanut butter, some frozen grapes and banana, a bag of cassava crisps, and a babybel cheese (light of course!), none of which came close to weighing a half pound, but there you go. Or maybe I'm retaining water from the day time chocolate biscuits...? The good thing is I have a (full unopened) carton of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia yoghurt and an unopened 5 pack of Curly Wurlys in the freezer and didn't start either of them even though I was looking for things to eat - and ended up retiring to the bedroom to remove myself from temptation!

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