Wednesday, 19 August 2009

I want a tattoo.

I used to hate tattoos, especially on women - all the cliches about how tacky and common they were, I guess. Don't hate me if you've stumbled across this and you have a tattoo - because I have, after all, changed my mind and seen the light! So, now I want one. Just one, not huge, something like this in the small of my back. Something monochrome, curvaceous, and sinuous, organic even - that speaks to me. This one appeals to me because it represents a slightly morbid view of life I have. Its the plan for a Celtic labyrinth. To me, this represents the fact that life is a bit like a maze - one entrance point, one exit, and however many wrong turns you make in your life, however many times you may feel that you're going round in circles, retracing your steps, or simply lost, you always end up in the same place... This specific design is not set in stone, but that's the inspiration for me. As I seem to be getting heavier rather than lighter at the moment, and I'm thinking about using this as a non-food reward for getting back to target (and staying there for at least ummm 1 month. Without binging.) I guess I have time to decide on the perfect example.

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