Friday, 28 August 2009

I can't eat that!!!

I do feel that my eating is getting a bit boring at the moment, but although that makes for some very dull posts it also gives me a bit of a safe feeling as far as the weight management goes - if I haven't had a meal before I don't know how filling it will be, or how likely to set off cravings or binges that might ruin my day. The downside though is that I'm reaching the point where the idea of fromage frais with raspberries is almost physically nauseating... If that meant I just didn't want them it would fine, a calorie cutting boost - but not so much if it means I want just about anything else.... however expensive / fattening / unhealthy generally that anything else might be. I need something not too calorific, containing both protein and fibre as I don't find either satisfying enough on its own. Ideally one sweet option and one savoury option, and despite the convenience element, ideally not highly processed - I started eating the fromage frais and fruit as a reaction against diet flavoured yoghurt pots and all their HFCS / artificial flavourings, so I don't really want to go back to them, or to cereal bars / protein bars.. Oh yes, and no last minute cooking. Egg white omelettes might be possible... obviously houmous with vegetables... a mini turkey / chicken sandwich in one slice of nimble bread perhaps? hmmm. Some options to consider anyway. But they're all savoury, maybe fromage frais with a different fruit would be enough to break the tedium. Stewed apple perhaps?
Food today:
The usual. Getting a bit bored with this, it might be time to try something else
Noodle salad with tuna, peppers and onions and a bed of green salad. This wasn't tedious! It wasn't so good I'd rush to do it again either, but it did make a change. I used buckwheat soba noodles, it will be interesting to see how soon I get hungry again. The tuna was Slimming World tuna in creamy tomato sauce, it might have been better with more asian-inspired flavours. EDIT: less than 2 hours later I had to eat! I wanted chocolate-dipped gingerbread from the canteen, I actually had an Ainsley Harriott cup-a-soup.
Was supposed to be another stir fry (I do like my stir fries, especially when I've been feeling out of control - home-made soups are good then too). But I had confirmation that I wasn't being renewed at work, so to celebrate we had a Chinese takeaway - in my case King Prawns in black bean sauce with plain boiled rice. Unfortunately we ate late as a result so I also had some chocolates beforehand (yummy and expensive cocoa-dusted truffles) and a few chips with it
Fromage frais with peaches - also getting boring, I need some more ideas! 2 slices wholemeal toast (this should have been raspberries & fromage frais but I just couldn't face it... and the toast still fitted into my calories)
10 st 6.4 lbs (146.4 lbs)


  1. I'm like you - I'll find something to eat and will eat it so often that I burn myself out on it. I completely understand your feelings on your breakfast routine. I would just offer that breakfast doesn't have to be traditional - you can eat anything you like for breakfast, as long as it fits your nutritional needs. Like you, I need a protein source with mine. If I get too "carby", it's a binge/cravings trigger for sure. How about something with one of the nut butters? I had some flax crackers with almond butter that was quite good. I know you'll find something that works for you. Good luck.

  2. Hi Chris. Cooked apples are lovely with a little cinamon or spice, sultanas and a few pieces of broken walnut sprinkled on top. When I used to have this I added a teaspoon of honey or molasses if I needed extra sweetness. Can't eat cooked apple anymore as it irritates my stomach lining for some reason. Sad because I do love it and it's really satisfying. They say cinamon cuts sugar cravings.

    Bearfriend xx