Sunday, 23 August 2009

Hot stone massage, facial, reflexology

On the last sea day there was a special spa package lasting an hour - 20 mins each hot stone massage, mini facial and reflexolgy session for $99. I decided to try it because I've always wanted the hot stone massage. It turned out to good value too as I think it ran over for about 30 mins. The hot stone massage was intense, not always as pleasant as I'd hoped as I had a very stubborn knot in my shoulder that she couldn't get out - however hard she pressed with the stone...!!! I felt like she was trying to drill right through me by leaning all her weight on this small smooth stone - and for a dainty pretty little woman, it seemed like a lot of weight!! (maybe she sneaked some 15 stone wrestler in to help her press lol) When she moved on from there it was much more fun, and I actually nodded off briefly. She then moved onto the reflexology. M had this years ago on a trip we took to a health farm, and he found it very painful. Mine wasn't that bad, but there were times it felt far more therapeutic than pampering. By the time she finished though, my feet felt amazing! And finally the facial... lots of warm, nice smelling gop of varying kinds, and the occasional use of hot towels, left my skin feeling really soft and fresh. My skin is very sensitive, so bits of it were tingly, but it was really good. Then she tried to sell me 100s of products but I resisted most of them, settling for a tube of tingly menthol-y 'instant relief rub' for my tense shoulders and a horribly over-priced box of bath salts, also for relaxation. But I like baths, and I like trying new bath salts, so I don't grudge the $176 for 10 sachets.... much. The only question is how tense will I have to feel before I don't feel like I'm wasting $17 by actually using one of them - I haven't yet!!! (I had a bath with half a sachet last week and was surprised to find they smell very menthol-y - I didn't expect that somehow, even though the cream smells like menthol too.) I'd find the spa experience much more relaxing without the anticipation of the hard sell I must admit. She recommended I get weekly massages back home... so I like her after all! I've no intention of going every week, but I might go monthly or every other month, as I've always enjoyed massages (even when I felt fat and disgusting - how strange is that?)

So few sachets for so much money...

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