Saturday, 22 August 2009

Final Day at Sea

I never made it to the gym on the last sea day. I did plan to, but first I had trouble getting out of bed, then I had my breakfast and while that was still settling went to the spa to book myself in for a sea day package (about which, more later). I expected to have to wait for the package till the afternoon at least, but she said she could fit me in straight away (at 8 am) and it would take an hour. I didn't leave till 10, and there was a lecture on soon after that I wanted to go to, then it was lunchtime, then there was another lecture and some glass blowing... so I declared the day another rest day. The lectures were excellent again, and so was the glass-blowing. I also used the day as an excuse to have 'just one last...' everything I'd really enjoyed on board ship. One last gelato from the gelateria (small charge, very good gelato). One last coffee from the speciality coffee shop (expresso topped with whipped cream, crushed granola and caramel syrup). One last pizza and fries lunch... one last pink coconut cocktail.... a trip to the gym would have saved me loads of calories as well as burning some, but you only have one 'Last day' of the holiday...!!! Alright, one last day of each holiday...In the evening it was back to the martini bar for one last martini, that turned into two. I had a banana split martini first and then a raspberry lemonade martini.
The banana split was my favourite overall, I tried it on the first night and then had to go back for another on the last night!My main course for dinner that evening was one of the best (in the regular restaurant) of the whole cruise - AND I PHOTOGRAPHED IT!!!

Vietnamese vegetable curry, not too spicy (though I like spice!) but incredibly flavourful and delicious. I had ahi tuna carpaccio flavoured with five spice powder to start, and roast butternut squash soup as well. Yum! Dessert was kahlua torte - beautiful but not as tasty as I expected

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  1. My dear, I am absolutely green with envy. Your cruise looks so much fun (and the food looks yummy,too).

    Have a wonderful weekend. (Or I guess you've already got a good start on it).