Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Feeling a little more human today

Not much though, my early night turned into a night of reading blogs in bed - enjoyable but less restful than I planned! I am determined to do better today though.... I can't help feeling I've heard and said that somewhere before!!!
Thanks Roxie & Bearfriend for your comments - it does help to feel you're not alone!!! I feel a lot more hopeful for today, and I think you're the reason why!
Food today:
All bran with strawberries and a smoothie
Rustic wholemeal roll with houmous and grilled veggies
Home-made veggie black bean burger - rut-buster!!! I made them up last night and left them in the fridge overnight to firm up before I bake them today.
With baked potato (small) and salad. I'm really looking forward to trying these, as I've never made bean burgers before EDIT: Not bad at all! I'll make them again - but I'd add more hot sauce next time, 1 tsp for 4 big burgers really isn't enough.
Fromage frais with peaches, houmous with veggies (left over from yesterday - I rejected them in favour of cheesecake yesterday!)
Weight: 10 st 8.4 lbs (148.4 lbs) 3 lbs of carb-induced water retention - go me!!! I knew I wouldn't like what I saw - but so far anyway it honestly doesn't bother me as I know beyond a shadow of a doubt I didn't eat THAT many calories last night!!!

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