Thursday, 20 August 2009


Weight this morning: 10 st 7lbs (147 lbs) - at least that's a half pound step in the right direction! Still not very impressed though...
Food today:
All bran with blackberries; garden fruit smoothie (no spinach today, and heavier on the plums - and it was even more delicious than yesterday!)
Sandwiches today - very rare for me! I usually feel that sandwiches aren't filling enough because of the calorie density of the bread. Today I have two - one very low cal, Nimble bread with a laughing wedge and some cucumber, the other more substantial, filled with a Mexican bean pate from Waitrose - hopefully its spicy. We'll see how filling they are...
Sausage casserole with sweet potato, peas, frozen soya beans and cauliflower
Apple, fromage frais with strawberries and peaches, cottage cheese salad - pineapple cottage cheese mixed with bell peppers and spring onion, snack pack of jaffa cakes - the sandwiches weren't very filling
EDIT: put my jeans on after work and struggled to get into them. Even though I'd just washed and dried them so I know they just need stretching again I moronically went off and ate a 100 g bag of honey roasted cashews and some dried fruit mix. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???

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