Sunday, 23 August 2009

The big barbecue

Is finally over! It went very well in the end, though some people were taken suddenly ill in the night as a result of the mountain of wine and beer bottles that were emptied!
A very small sample of the empties and leftovers...

We spent all afternoon and half of the evening sitting in the garden (no photos because I don't believe in posting photos of unwitting family members and they still don't know about this blog). We were very lucky with the weather - it wasn't sunny - nor was it baking hot though, which is good - but we only had one shower, very light, lasting maybe 10 minutes in total. Not bad for a barbecue planned back in May for an August weekend in Wales! We had 3 barbecues set up, which heated up at different rates (all charcoal) so the food arrived a bit at a time for several hours.
The kitchen...
There were burgers, sausages, pork chops, lamb shish kebabs and barbecue chicken skewers (2 different kinds of barbecue sauce)

Because of the delay in cooking the burgers and sausages disappeared before the camera could even switch on ;-). The chicken skewers arrived last, and no-one wanted more meat by then, but the men of the family managed to eat them for supper so they didn't go to waste.

This was accompanied by a mixed green salad (thanks MIL!), coleslaw, and some lovely rolls (thanks Mum!) and followed by several dessert options - lemon meringue pie and tarte au citron courtesy of my father's wife, summer pudding made by me, and a fruit salad for my picky brother provided by Nature's Best in a pot!

People collapsed into bed late or fell asleep on sofas and chairs, and no-one got up very early this morning (apart from me - my body seems incapable of sleeping past 4 am these days.) I had loads of goodies for breakfast including a loaf of raisin bread and one of peanut-butter-raisin bread baked by myself last weekend, but everyone picked very plain options - seeded bagels and wholemeal muffins so they ended up with doggy bags of baked goodies!!! I've almost finished all the desserts off today - I slept so little that I craved sugar all morning, even after making myself feel ill in the beginning. Still, I didn't expect anything good of this weekend diet-wise, so I'll try to hoist myself heavily back on the wagon tomorrow morning. At the moment I never want to eat again, but I know how long that's going to last...

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