Monday, 24 August 2009

Bad start to the week

I had a post for today but its turned into a bunch of lies so I think I'll trash that one.
Last night I didn't sleep well enough to make up for the lack of sleep on Saturday, so I've been knackered all day. As a result, I've been carb-crazy!!! I don't have anything against carbs, believe me -I love noodles and pasta and I don't think life without bread is even life, let alone a life worth living. But my snacks today, in addition to fromage frais and fruit salad involved a sandwich with bacon and fried egg. My meals included cereal - All bran - strawberries, and fruit in a smoothie. My lunch wasn't bad to start with - salad with feta cheese - until I added a chocolate cheesecake. And dinner was a lot of toast, some with apricot suage free jam, some with sweet chilli houmous, and some with curried cheddar. Plus some oven-baked chips.
And I used up the tail ends of no less than 3 bottles of wine started on Saturday.
I don't feel great now, but my body was screaming for carbs and it wouldn't shut up. And I didn't feel bad about it, and I still don't. That may be down to the wine. I'm now on my laptop in bed to avoid eating even more. Shortly (embarrassingly shortly) I plan to turn off the light and go to sleep. First I'm going to drink some more water (already had a litre since stopping the wine.) Tomorrow I will weight, but hopefully take the numbers with a pinch of salt. Anyone can have a bad day, and no sleep has this effect on me. I've been thinking about trying to make the effort to entertain more often, which hopefully will help me sleep on those nights as I get more used to it and relax about it. If not, I'll work on finding a better recovery plan. Either way, I had a great time and I think everyone else did too, so I'm glad we did it. And glad I'd already decided not to bother about the weight loss until the 2nd of September (the day after my birthday).


  1. I'm your carb-craving twin. Lack of sleep will drive me right into a carb-frenzy. I guess it's the body's way to try to grab some quick energy in case we need to flee from a pack of wolves or something.

  2. Hi Chris. Like you say, anyone can have a bad day. At least you had a great weekend with all the family. And going to bed early is no bad thing... you'll have a lot more energy tomorrow.

    I'm looking forward to Sep too ... and hopefully some sanity in the food department ...

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

    PS Thanks for the comment on my blog - I need all the support I can get!