Monday, 10 August 2009

Back to real life

and back to work.... :-(
Food today:
All bran and strawberries with a spinach-summer fruit protein smoothie
Salad with edamame beans and home-made vegetable and millet soup, plus 2 slices nimble with laughing cow cheese
Home-made veggie-bean soup with bread and goat's cheese. I know it sounds like a boring day, but I need some very normal (and yes, boring!) days to recover from last week's excessive eating and drinking!
Fromage frais with raspberries and blueberries
Weight today:
10st 6lbs 8 oz (146.5 lbs)
Not too bad given that I got back off holiday on Saturday morning - and yesterday weighed in at 149 lbs! luckily I knew that couldn't be right so only agonised and sulked a bit... well, most of the day really!
I was angelic with the food yesterday, and walked about 7 miles with my back pack as well, so I was expecting better news today and I guess I got it.
I will be adding posts and photos from the holiday gradually but not in this one!

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