Sunday, 19 July 2009

Wet but relaxing Sunday

I was tempted to run today, but a) its raining and I'm demotivated by that and b) getting out of bed this morning I felt 800 yrs old with the aching legs from 2 days in a row. If the weather had been better I would have gone for a walk, but as it is horrible I'm declaring a rest day (unless I feel inspired to hit the gym later). I ordered some padded cycling shorts today so once I have them I hope to be a bit more inclined to use the stationary bike!!! There are some places I don't want to feel 'bruised'...... and even with a replacement gel saddle our bike is not the comfiest piece of kit we own!
Food today:
All bran as always
The same sandwich as yesterday, but I had a carton of Covent Garden Watercress and Creme Fraiche soup as well - delicious!!!!
Bean burger with roasted butternut squash and a large leafy salad. I'm having some radishes (not one of my favourites, but I may try to make radish chips with them)
Protein smoothie with summmer fruits, frozen melon and kale - huge and freezing cold, I ate it out of a bowl with a spoon and it piled up in the bowl! It was like eating slightly soft ice-cream (if you can imagine a lettuce ice-cream, because the kale was a little too strong!). Protein bar - chocolate flavour from
My protein is lower than I like today, so I may have some mussels in vinegar later on as well.
Weight: 9st 12lbs 4 oz (138.25 lbs)

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