Friday, 17 July 2009

Weird Dream

I had the weirdest dream last night;-)
I think it was just an anxiety dream, I'm prone to these when I have things on my mind, but this one was a reminder as well - that in a couple of weeks I'm going on holiday and need to do the online check-in this weekend ideally.
I dreamt that I was on a bus heading to Heathrow Airport to catch a plane when I suddenly remembered that my passport was back home in Wales - and we were reaching the Airport only 3 hrs before embarkation, with no other stops along the way. That's not so weird, I've had lost / forgotten passport dreams before. Then it got weird. My husband (who has never met a US President, real or fictional, dead or alive) called up President David Palmer (who isn't a US President, and is dead, and has never met my husband and isn't in the UK) and persuaded him to send a helicopter from London to land on a golf course just down the road from my home, so his Secret Service people could break into my house, retrieve my passport, and fly it back to Heathrow. And he did!
I'm weird. With hero fantasies of someone saving the day when I screw up. But it made me smile when I woke up anyway. Until I realised it was 3:20 am, and I wasn't getting back to sleep. Ah well.

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