Friday, 17 July 2009

Weighed again today

And very happy I did. After yesterday's (relatively) mini binge I didn't expect to see 139.8 lbs (9 st 13.5lbs) - but I did! It may be TMI but I'd been 'bunged up' and now I'm not so I guess that was all it took. A good cheering start to my new onslaught on healthy eating starting today. By healthy of course I now mean everything in moderation - and since I started allowing myself some soft drinks (diet of course) and my sugary all bran I am so much happier and calmer! Maybe that means I am an addict, but it doesn't seem to affect my weight, I don't feel unhealthy for it - and I did feel unhealthy this week without it, though I admit I can't really tie my migraine to quitting - and I don't actually object to it on ethical grounds, so I'm going to welcome it back with open arms. I'll still drink more water and tea than soft drinks, but one or two a day won't hurt me!
Food today:
All bran with strawberries & soya milk - its back and I loved it!!!
Summer fruit smoothie made with green tea & coconut milk for a change - not a particularly exciting change so I probably won't bother another time if I don't have coconut milk to use up. Although it was quite filling.
Home made pasta salad and a mixed green salad
Banana, sugar snap peas with jalapeno hummus, 2 flatbread crackers
Brown rice with black beans under roasted red & yellow peppers, red onion, sweet potato, courgette and mushrooms. I'll probably toss the veggies in a little Harissa sauce first. And a leafy salad.

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