Monday, 20 July 2009

To Get Rainbows, you need Rain

Nope, not being profound, just talking about the weather... For years I didn't understand the British pre-occupation with the weather; then I started walking and running, and now I hate it when it rains. If I had my way we'd only have rain at night, neat and tidy, so that when I was awake I had the complete freedom to choose whether or not I went out. And it wouldn't be too hot for running either, so that when motivation strikes I can do something with it. This morning it was drizzly and horrible as I was driving into work and I was already feeling Monday morning-itis so that really annoyed me. If I can't do something energetic on a Monday I feel less than optimal all week, but because I generally sleep badly on Sunday night I rarely have the energy for a full-on work out (last week was the exception and I think that's why I developed the migraine - dehydration because MAN I sweated...) So on Mondays being able to walk or run is important to me and rain on Mondays is a VERY BAD THING and it makes me GRUMPY.
And then I looked slightly higher up in the sky to see how thick the clouds were... and saw a beautiful rainbow. FOr the rest of the journey I was struggling to look at the road instead of the rainbow, but I was smiling as I drove. And now the sun is out... some of the time, anyway. Hopefully I'll drive to the shop and then try to find the energy to I'll be able to run. If not, then I'll try to use the gym equipment - but without going crazy like last week. And then I've got housework to do this evening - oh, the excitement!
Food today:
All bran with strawberries and summer fruit protein smoothie
Leafy salad with radishes, spring onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and feta cheese, nimble bread (nearly finished it and then I'll start eating REAL bread) and laughing cow light wedge.
I have a Rut-buster planned - Spicy shredded beef with stir fried veggies and brown rice udon - LOVE these noodles. And a glass of Sauvignon Blanc might have snuck in there.... OMG - that was yummy! Not as hot as I'd hoped, but really tasty!!!

2 slices of toast. The usual fromage frais with peaches and raspberries. Also possibly some extra fromage frais with home-made unsweetened applesauce - I made some for baking some low fat banana bran muffins for my husband and ended up with left-overs Free Emoticons, and half a Dr Karg seeded spelt cracker to try.
Plus a couple of hot & spicy crackers (so addicted to these!)

Weight this morning: 9st 12lbs 2 oz (138.1 lbs)

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