Sunday, 26 July 2009

Sunday & lots of food

Breakfast! I added some peaches to my normal all bran, plus a spoonful of dorset cereals muesli, and I added some blueberries to the smoothie as well, then topped it with chia seeds and a few raw cacao nibs. Last night I had a traumatic experience - a friend asked me to help with sugaring (the hair removal technique, that's not a euphemism for anything!!!). As said friend had never been sugared / waxed before neither of us enjoyed it much and I calmed my nerves with some ginger & plain chocolate cookies - they were the tastiest medicine I ever ate, but I deserved my 140.3 lb weigh in this morning for eating the whole box, and I needed lots of nutritious fruits and grains this morning to settle my stomach!


A rut-buster lunch - Pasta with pastrami salad. I thought it would have been better less dressed, but it was tasty all the same. I'll finish it tomorrow for lunch.

A very very spicy curry! Prawns and veggies with brown rice, wholemeal pitta, tomato & cucumber and mango chutney

A small bag of Cassava crisps - thai green curry flavour, a seeded spelt cracker, and some watermelon. I'm also having some fromage frais with strawberries later and I must admit to nibbling a few sultanas, a ryvita goodness bar and a little peanut butter as well. So much for cutting down on the snacks - I think now my holiday is so close I'm inclined to think it doesn't matter much until we get back.

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