Monday, 27 July 2009

Sounds like an excuse

But I've decided to just relax a bit this week - not go crazy, but just take things easy. I've realised that a big part of my over-eating lately is knowing that I'm on holiday soon and that weight gain on holiday (especially on a cruise) is inevitable. But because I have been trying to 'stick to' my healthy eating plan the nibbling has made me feel guilty and weak and therefore inclined to comfort eat / binge. So now I'm going to allow myself to relax a bit - not go crazy, just not worry so much about slip ups.
I grazed all day again yesterday and today I weighed 10 st 1.25 lbs (141.25 lbs). That's actually less than I weighed when I bought the clothes I'll be wearing on holiday so maybe its in my interest not to be too low, I want to look good in these clothes not look like an aging kid dressed in her mother's cast offs!
Today's food:
All bran and a smoothie. The smoothie was rubbish sadly - a banana (which I forgot to freeze), spinach, vanilla whey and some frozen strawberry - about one large berry, sliced. I brought it to work and it was just not very good. I drank it anyway because I needed the protein.
Pasta with pastrami salad plus a green salad. And a dessert thing called cherry meringue dessert
Vegetable soup with more veggies added. I'm adding a little ham roll to the soup.
Ryvita goodness bar * 2 (for the fibre); stewed rhubarb with plain fromage frais (I stewed the rhubarb in apple juice with cinnamon, no sugar added - this looked absolutely diabolical, I mean really nasty, but it tasted great with the fromage frais - I'll do that again!!!); peaches and fromage frais; a pot of mussels in vinegar for the protein
Brown rice pudding
I'm a bit low on protein so I may try to add some more somewhere.

Change of plan on the food for this week - there will be no rut-buster this week (unless I count the mystery meals I'll be having on Friday and Saturday on holiday) and no panhackelty tomorrow. Instead I'll be focussing on using up food - fresh vegetables and frozen food because my freezer is still unfeasibly crammed. So tomorrow I'll be defrosting a portion of chilli & some brown rice. Wednesday I'll be defrosting some turkey, pineapple and coconut curry and some rice. Both will be eaten with salads. Lunches will be salads with defrosted home-made soups. I won't be buying any more fruit or veg this week (and that's going to be hard for me... I love fresh vegetables and fruit!) Every days snacks will be using up fruit that I already own, and so will smoothies (if indeed I have any to make them with)
I managed to get in a good yomp and burned off some of the calories from yesterday, it was beautiful, sunny and warm, and I've been busy all evening so quite happy and pleased with myself today!

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