Sunday, 19 July 2009


Saturday was a good day! I ran and went for a good walk as well, so plenty of exercise. For the first time I used my ipod on the run, and was a little bit disappointed that it cut out and went static-y a few times.
All bran as usual, with a summer fruit protein shake. I used kale in it instead of spinach, and didn't like that quite as much
A yummy sandwich made with spelt & sunflower bread, jalapeno hoummous, mixed raw peppers and some salad leave - I ate it too fast to get a picture!
Was great!!! A huge stir fry of mixed veggies with chicken, served with noodles in a Vietnamese-style sauce. The noodles were a bit sweet, and a bit spicy - then lip-burningly, mouth-tinglingly HOT!!! And that I did manage to photograph before digging in!
And a glass of Sauvignon Blanc to put out the flames ;-)
Micro-airpopped popcorn with garlic salt, another protein smoothie and some nibbly bits!
And in the evening we watched Twilight on blu-ray. Great film! I liked the book, but almost preferred the movie (I never prefer the movie if I read the book first!!!). It was so well done, I thought the romance was well acted, the action (when it came) really upped the tempo of the movie, and the scenery during the forest scenes was absolutely stunning! We don't have anything that looks like that in South Wales!!! Can't wait for New Moon now, and I may have to read all the other books (Twilight is the only one I've read so far as its the only one they have at my local library)
Weighed in at 9st 13lbs 4oz (139.25 lbs)

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