Saturday, 11 July 2009


Wow, posting on a Saturday for a change. And a very overcast, damp and depressing Saturday it is too. I started the day with one of my least favourite activities - supermarket shopping in Tesco. I like the prices, and some of the products, there, but its not what I'd call a fun experience. I get there early as I can, usually about 6, so that I'm out of the way before the families with bored small kids show up and the carpark fills up. A guy who also shops regularly at that time - whom I've been exchanging nods and good mornings with for a while - actually stopped to ask my name and introduce himself today. We had a little chat, which was quite nice, but he seemed to be suggesting (maybe he was joking!) that he'd be looking to go at the same time as me for a while now because 'seeing me cheers him up!' and finished by saying that he might take me for a coffee some time.... I've seen him chatting to loads of people there, he seems to be a naturally friendly guy, but I must admit I wasn't expecting that!
After that bit of shopping I walked into Caldicot for some more supermarket shopping, but the fun kind this time - buying luxury items instead of essentials, in Waitrose instead of Tesco. I also went to the library and got a few books by new authors, so hopefully I'll have found someone new to enjoy. I love finding a new author and going through all their books, as the ones I already read can't come close to keeping up with me!
Food today:
All brans with strawberries and soy milk. I've really missed it the last few days, so I enjoyed that. I'll be dumping it because of the sugar next week, so I'm glad I had it today.
Home made veg soup with light rye bread and laughing cow. I put a few cherry tomatoes on one slice, and a chopped spring onion on the other to make it a (very) little more interesting!
We're trying tacos tonight! I've never had them, I'm just making them with a Discovery kit. I'll just have 2 little shells if all goes to plan - to see how I like them - and eat the rest of my share as a taco salad. To complete the Mexican theme I got a small tin of spicy refried beans and some guacamole, and I'll be using reduced fat cheddar (Cathedral City) as well. Looking forward to it! That will be my main rut-buster new meal this week, but I'm also making (as I type) a slow roasted pork shoulder in the slow cooker. I took the recipe from A Year of Slow Cooking but used a smaller joint & slow cooker - everything else stayed the same. Smells pretty good so far!
Already had a summer fruit smoothie. I added spinach which I like, and on impulse added some cucumber as well - a bit too much, it tasted rather odd so I won't do that again. (still drank it though!). 2 ryvita thins, and later I'm having a fruit salad with fromage frais.

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