Sunday, 5 July 2009


Didn't post yesterday because I had nothing to say - and still don't! Went for a good walk in the morning, but it was sweltering hot and that left me feeling tired the rest of the day. We watched the X-files movie 'I want to Believe' in the afternoon, which was good but not really alien / paranormal enough to seem like a proper X-files.
My food was spotty: the meals were OK but I nibbled a lot - not enough to eat all my calories plus exercise, but more than I should've done really.
A 'hash' of potatoes, reg & green pepper, onion and muchrooms topped with tesco low fat sausages. It was cooked in the slow cooker over night and was yummy though it didn't look too pretty - I think the mushrooms were a mistake.
Houmous & mixed peppers sandwich in pepper chilli bread
Big pile of roast mixed vegetables with feta cheese
Ummmmm. Yoghurt with raspberries. Protein bar. Smoothie. Some pistachios. Some raisins. Some dim sum from Waitrose. Some frozen bananas. Some crackers.

Weight: 9 st 11.5 lbs (137.5 lbs) - a good weigh in, so why did I rush off to eat too much????? Seems to be a trend when I'm happy with my morning weigh in

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